Mandy’s Discusses Her Trip to Meet with Fan Elmira – Audio

I had such a blast visiting Y101 Radio show with Barney in Toombs County, Georgia last week talking about our upcoming concert for the Real Squeal BBQ Festival in Lyons, GA on October, 7th.

I heard about a local resident named Elmira who calls in to the radio station every day and tells stories, gives her point of view on songs and things happening around the community. My cousin, Travis brought me a few recordings of her spots and I fell in love with her humor, happiness and sweet spirit.

To my delight, I got a chance to speak with her on the radio and then meet her in person later that day while I visited the radion station!

Here is what she had to say on the radio the next day about our little visit….

Radio Interview – Elmira (Y101) by Mandy Gawley

Overall, I came away from our visit with a full heart and a record that will always serve as a great reminder of the “Little Things” that mean so much. By taking a short time out of our day to visit Ms. Elmira we made her feel special. But, she may never know how special she made me feel and how much she has touched my heart.