Quotes from “People are Talkin”

“Mandy Gawley has become one of my new favorite artists….and people. Her songs are authentic–so much so that you can almost taste the chicken and biscuits she sings about. But more important, you can feel the heart of an artist beat in the life of this wife and mother as she chronicles her day-to-day lessons in loving no matter what.”
Jan Smith, Owner
Jan Smith Studios

“Mandy has a VERY big heart – and she pours it out through a voice that can both pack a big punch and deliver an intimate moment.  Her stylistic and dynamic ranges are broad and multi-dimensional.  If you’re looking for an artist who throws herself completely into her performances, she’s one of your peeps….”
Michael Gleason – Producer/Songwriter
Pressure Point Productions

“I think Mandy’s music timeless. It’s groovy, emotional, old school country, and new school rock all in one. Her humility and genuineness reflects in her songs, and the sound is sweet.”
Brandon “Blue” Hamilton
Producer/Instrumentalist for Plumbline Music Group/Bassie Blue Productions